Arthur's XJ750




I'm the owner of 82 xj750 seca since 2 months. I have not had a chance to drive it too much yet (only around 100 km) but as this is the time for maintenance I'm looking for good XJ's WEB pages and I found yours really intersting.

My bike have been rebuild by prev. owner and now it is more like DRAG type with straight driving wheel ( I know it's not wheel but I do not know right word in English), longer frame, completaly change electrical instalation (simplified), rear disc brakes etc, etc. There is few pics of it at done by previous owner. Unfortunately this page is not working too perfect so I can not send you pick now. Anyhow, I will send them by next week to you when I have my company computer available.

Thank you very much for the pics, I hope you found the ignition coils, you were asking for.

Die obigen Bilder einer sehr gestrippten XJ750 hat mir Arthur aus Polen geschickt, der sich über weitere Kontakte zu polnischen XJ-Fahrern freuen würde.


letztes Update am 19.12.2003